Choosing the Roofing Material Right For You

Most people rarely give much consideration to the material their roofs are made of until there is a problem and then suddenly they care very much about the material and condition of the roof over their heads. Not only do roofs keep us and our possessions dry and climate controlled but they add to the aesthetics of the home, which also affects the overall value of a house. Often the roofs material choice is a result of environmental considerations along with costs as you will discover as you read further.

Asphalt Shingles- The Less Pricey Roofing Material

The choices regarding materials are numerous, indeed and range in prices. One of the low -end price options is to use asphalt shingles. It is perhaps the most common material used, due to relatively low costs as well as the number of color options. Asphalt shingles can be found in more than a dozen colors, featuring both blends and solids. The shingles made today usual boast a warranty of twenty and even thirty years. This is perhaps the most common of all roofing material used today.

Wood- Always Looks Good

There is something so beautiful about properly maintained wood shingles on a roof. Many different types are utilized such as Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Eastern White Cedar, and Red Cedar just to name a few. This roofing choice is hard to beat yet; it is often passed on because it is initially expensive to install and costly to upkeep. However, when properly installed and maintained, this roofing option can last thirty-five to fifty years making it a favorite with those searching for the long haul approach.

“Fake” Shakes

It should be mentioned that with all the fire dangers in many areas, new codes are requiring all roofing materials be fire proof. To satisfy this requirement a new material, a “fake shake” has been created and mimics wood shake for the walls. Use of these fakes is becoming more and more popular because they abide by the fire code in Western regions and because they are durable, requiring very little to no maintenance at all.

Slate is Great Even When “Fake

The Northeast had long favored slate as the popular choice of roofing material. In addition to its pleasing appearance and durability, it sheds ice and snow quickly. However, the downside to slate was the cost and the weight. Ultimately, these factors were the catalyst in a fake being engineered that did away with the need to use real slate. At one-third, the weight and cost is it any wonder why people have decided to turn to this as a staple. The shingles are guaranteed to last for 50 years.


Ceramic Roofs Bring to Mind An Exotic Escape

Ceramic tile roofs give a home a flair of the Mediterranean and are popular in Florida as well as California. These roofs are hefty and require solid framing to support the weight, and they are among the most expensive roofing materials you can choose. They are considered quite beautiful and come in a variety of colors. However, most homeowners prefer to go with the reddish hued ones because they contrast nicely with a light or even white-colored home adding a pop of dramatic color.

As you can see, you have many options available to you and the one’s mentioned here are only a few. While you have budgeting and environmental concerns to consider, you should have fun with it and enjoy the process but also take it seriously. After all, you will be living with this decision for many years to come. We wanted to give professional consideration to J Rowe Plumbing some of the best Longview Tx Plumbers, who we work closely with on a lot of projects that we do. Without them all our efforts would be in vain